Daniel Budzisz ?23

    David Budzisz

    Majors: Management and Marketing

    Minors: Spanish

    Hometown: Palatine, IL

    “I am the VP of professional development for Pi Sigma Epsilon, a national, co-ed business fraternity. I really love this organization because of the networking opportunities and the ability to practice my real-world skills.”

    Ayanna Crenshaw ?24

    Ayanna Crenshaw

    Majors: Management, Marketing

    Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin

    “The professors take the time to understand who you are as a student and as a person outside of their class. They genuinely want what’s best for you, and they are willing to support you in and outside the classroom.”

    Zachary Gibson ?22

    Zachary Gibson

    Majors: Finance and Marketing

    Hometown: Byron, MN

    “Marketing allows a person to utilize their creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Marketing has taught me how to approach problems from a different point of view and shape ideas from a unique perspective.”

    Tyler Meyer

    Majors: Musical Theatre, Marketing

    Hometown: Marshfield, Wis.

    “The Carthage faculty have impacted my life because they directly impact how I learn and how I allow myself to see the world. Through my relationships with my professors, I have been notified of numerous job opportunities as well as given real-world application and insight into fields of work after Carthage.”

    Zach Shawhan

    Majors: Management and Marketing

    Minors: Economics

    Hometown: Racine, Wisconsin

    “Prof. Maltsev and Prof. Jewell teach in the business setting and have graciously given me a lot of their time, in and out of the classroom. They taught me so many things about accounting and economics, which allowed me to think much more clearly about my future.”

    Kate Vieyra

    Majors: Marketing

    Minors: Data Science

    “I am happy to say that every faculty member that I have come across with at Carthage was very helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive.”