Braden Kundert ?21

    Braden Kundert

    Class Year: ’21

    Majors: Political Science and History

    Current Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin


    Law Student at the University of Wisconsin Law School and Legal Extern-Criminal Appeals Unit at the Wisconsin Department of Justice

    “Being challenged by my professors helped me improve my reading, writing, and research skills, which have been critical to me in law school. The ability to write clearly and succinctly about complex issues is a skill I use every day.”

    Christine Gabron

    Christine Gabron

    Class Year: ’94

    Majors: Political Science

    Current Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis.


    Associate Attorney at Moertl, Wilkins & Campbell, S.C.

    “Carthage taught me to think about all situations from multiple perspectives. I also learned how to be an effective communicator, whether that is in front of a jury or with one client in an office.”

    Trustee Alan Mills

    Alan Mills

    Class Year: ’79

    Majors: Sociology

    Current Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana


    Partner, Barnes & Thornburg

    “Never give up. Never let other people define you or your value.”

    Anthony Nudo ?14

    Anthony Nudo

    Class Year: ’14

    Majors: Criminal Justice

    Current Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin


    Partner at Guttormsen, Terry & Nudo, LLC.

    “The experience I had at Carthage is invaluable for the preparation of my career.”

    Matthew Richer ?14

    Matthew Richer

    Class Year: ’14

    Majors: History

    Current Hometown: Kenosha, Wis.



    “I went into Carthage thinking I knew exactly what job I wanted post-graduation; however, by keeping an open mind I found a new passion.”

    Marie Sarantakis

    Marie Sarantakis

    Class Year: ’12

    Majors: Political Science, Philosophy

    Current Hometown: Chicago, IL


    Founding Attorney

    “Carthage provided me with a strong foundation to not only think outside of the box but to communicate my ideas to others.”