Samuel Croak ?22

    Samuel Croak ’22

    Majors: Political Science and Economics

    Hometown: Crete, Illinois

    “I have formed many cordial relationships with professors both inside and outside my two departments of study. Moreover, I always feel like I can have a friendly and honest conversation with any professor I meet. The campus itself provides many opportunities to meet with faculty, both inside and outside of class.”

    Justin Girodat

    Justin Girodat ’24

    Majors: Political Science

    Minors: Women and Gender Studies, Business Administration

    Hometown: Avon, Minn.

    “I chose Carthage because of the location, community, and success the volleyball program here at Carthage has had.”

    Kiah Martin ?23

    Kiah Martin ’23

    Majors: Criminal Justice, Political Science

    Minors: Sociology

    Hometown: Iowa City, Iowa

    “I chose Carthage because, coming from a town with a large state university, I knew large class sizes were not for me. I did not want to get lost in a crowd of students, and creating relationships with faculty and other students is important to me. And the beauty of the lake is a bonus!”

    Katherine Taylor Retek

    Katherine Taylor Retek ’24

    Majors: Political Science & Musical Theatre

    Hometown: Rensselaer, Ind.

    “Getting the chance to perform here at Carthage is a rewarding experience. Not only for yourself but for those who take the time to come and support the show. Every time you perform a story, you act in a way that conveys you. Everyone should be able to have the chance to perform once in their lifetime because you may never know how it might change your individuality once you do try.”

    Cade Wilson ?23

    Cade Wilson ’23

    Majors: Criminal Justice (Pre-Law Concentration) and Management

    Hometown: Ottumwa, Iowa

    “The small class sizes at Carthage allowed me to develop a more impactful relationship with professors, which made me more comfortable speaking up in class when I didn’t understand something or when I felt passionate about a topic.”