An Endowment Gift is a personal, and lasting, way to make a difference in the lives of our students and the Carthage community, helping to maintain the College’s financial strength at any given point in time. Strengthening the Endowment is a top priority for Carthage.

For decades, our greater community of alumni, family, and friends have shown their generosity and commitment to Carthage by establishing named Endowed Scholarships. In doing so, our donors ensure that their values and legacy become a lasting part of Carthage’s success.


Endowed Scholarships

Prof. Quashnock helps a student in class.


These visionary gifts, created by donors like you, create stability and longevity for Carthage and ensure that incoming and returning students will receive financial support for decades to come.

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Athletic Endowment

Carthage women's volleyball win a match.


Carthage’s Athletic Program is a national leader in the establishment of Athletic Endowments with a total Athletic Endowment approaching $3 million.

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Establishing an Endowed Fund

Each year Endowed Scholarships make a Carthage education attractive and accessible to talented students, while Endowed Distinguished Professorships give Carthage the opportunity to hire and retain the most talented professors, and the most capable coaches for our athletic teams. Student programs, ensembles, and teams also benefit from Endowed Funds.

Endowments can be established through current gifts of cash, stock or real estate, or planned gifts such as charitable trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance or bequests. Donors may make additions at any time. If at some point in time, the purposes of an Endowed Fund cease to exist, the fund may be redirected at the discretion of Carthage’s Board of Trustees. In such a case, special consideration is given to the original intent expressed in this agreement.


Administration of Endowed Funds

The Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees is responsible for the investment management of Carthage’s endowment portfolio. Each year, approximately 4.5 percent of the corpus of a given fund is made available to support the specific purpose outlined by the donor. Any unspent amounts are reinvested for future use.

The Board of Trustees has established minimum support levels to guarantee the income will be adequate to achieve the donor’s intent. Although gifts of any size may be added to an existing fund, these minimum thresholds are required to establish and name a new fund.

We respectfully provide the assurance that gifts will be professionally managed with the intention of aiding the Carthage community in perpetuity. For more information, please contact a member of the advancement team.