Your generous gifts to our Carthage community ensure that we can continue to inspire self-discovery among our students, within a motivational and reflective environment, that grants them numerous opportunities to ignite their true potential.

Student Successes

Joseph White

Joseph White ’24

“An important factor that enabled me to attend Carthage was the Kenosha Oaks Scholarship. I always knew I wanted to go to college, but I wasn’t sure how I’d pay for it. This scholarship eliminated a large part of the financial burden associated with college and made achieving my future career goals attainable. Although my career plans have changed a couple of times, I am passionate about the nursing path I’m on now.”

Luisa Nava '23

Luisa Nava ’23

“I was honored when I received the 150 Years of Women Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship meant that all my hard work was starting to pay off. This scholarship meant I was able to further my education in an area that isn’t always encouraged for young women to go into. After graduation, I hope to work for the FBI or the DHS in the human trafficking or immigration division to help victims.”

Liam Carls '23

Liam Carls ’23

“I am honored to be a recipient of the President Alan Anderson Scholarship. One of President Anderson’s recognizable attributes was his will to be an active leader in community service and charity. Being a recipient of such an award humbles me and definitely solidifies my constant decision to do my best in and out of the classroom. There are no words that could more properly encapsulate my gratitude.”

Lin Sensenbrenner

Lin Sensenbrenner ’26

“I chose to attend Carthage for a variety of reasons, including the scholarships presented to me. I received one of the Hay Presidential Scholarships. For me, this scholarship meant that the college saw potential in me, even if I don’t always see it in myself. This has been a very empowering experience. This scholarship was also what gave me the financial boost that I needed to be able to attend Carthage.”

Edelmar Morales-Rivera '23

Edelmar Morales-Rivera ’23

“I received the Mahone Fund Carthage College Access Award. Receiving this scholarship meant a lot because it helped me not to stress about being in debt once I graduate. Life threw me some curveballs, but I’m happy in my career path now, and my 8-year-old self would appreciate that.”


Juan Alberto Gomez-Solis '25

Juan Alberto Gómez-Solis ’25

“I chose Carthage because of its location (10 minutes away from my home), the J-Term study tours, and the small classes. I received the Modern Languages Scholarship for Spanish, and $22,000 was applied toward my tuition! This scholarship is a huge deal to me because I am a first-generation student. All my years of hard work, from elementary school to high school, finally paid off.”

Ava Serfling Bennett '24

Ava Serfling Bennett ’24

“I am so lucky to have received the Carthage Highest Honors Scholarship as well as the Willem J. Oudegest Scholarship, and Charles Melvin Hurd and Harriet Howe Hurd Scholarship. I can’t express how much these scholarships have meant to me. Without financial assistance, I could not have afforded college in any capacity. What Carthage offered me changed the game; now, I can afford high-quality education and the most fantastic experience!”

Justin Wheeler '25

Justin Lee Wheeler ’25

“I received the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Research Award for undergraduates pursuing space-related studies. My favorite moment has been getting to fly on a Zero-G parabolic flight. This means I was in a plane that was falling straight toward the ground, producing the effect of zero gravity for all in the plane cabin. This was my first research flight and the greatest experience of my life.”

Christopher Sandoval Terry

Christopher Sandoval Terry ’24

“I have received the Hobbs-Burkee Computer Science Scholarship, offered to students with a 3.0 and above, and showing good progression through the Computer Science Department. Receiving this scholarship gave me a lot of validation, knowing I am doing good work in the department. Computer science is very enjoyable, especially when you finally solve the problem. It gives me a sense of relief knowing I can do anything if I can do this.”

Nicky Caldwell '23

Nicky Caldwell ’23

“The Carthage community is awesome, and the people here are wonderful. I’ve received scholarships from both the Music and Theatre Departments, as well as the Tarble Family California Scholarship. These scholarships really are the reason I am able to come to Carthage. It’s scary to go into music theatre with debt, but Carthage makes the program affordable.”

Jillian Arbeiter '23

Jillian Arbeiter ’23

“I am the grateful recipient of the Springfield Academic Scholarship, the William C. Krauss Scholarship, and the Harry F. and Elizabeth Lesher Carlson Scholarship. These scholarships have not only given me the opportunity to attend Carthage, but to excel at Carthage. They allowed me to focus more of my time on my academics and extracurriculars, where otherwise, I would have been focused primarily on work to cover my tuition costs. I am so grateful to our generous Carthage donors.”

Kiannah Hayes

Kiannah Hayes ’25

“I have received many scholarships, and I am thankful for all of them! The one I hold dear to my heart is the Black Student Union Scholarship. I’ve been a member of the Black Student Union since my freshman year and am now the BSU Vice President.”

Connor Wiseman

Connor Wiseman ’24

“I have been honored to receive the Ralph J. and Margaret Tenuta Scholarship. I also received the Carthage Academic Honors Scholarship. These scholarships have allowed me to pursue my goal of becoming a physician. I am so thankful for these scholarships and grateful to be able to pursue my dream to go to medical school and become a neurologist.”