Your generous gifts to our Carthage community ensure that we can continue to inspire self-discovery among our students, within a motivational and reflective environment, that grants them numerous opportunities to ignite their true potential.

Student Successes

Wesam Al-Sarori '21

Wesam Al-Sarori ’21

“[This scholarship] has literally changed my life. I am not as privileged as many other students here at Carthage. I come from Yemen, which is currently experiencing intense political unrest and civil wars, and I, therefore, have no means of financial support. With the help of this scholarship, now I am one step closer to realizing my dreams as a student leader on campus. I can pursue my studies and earn my degree. It truly means the world to me and to my family back home to know that there are selfless individuals willing to help, and I promise to be the best version of myself so you have the peace of mind that your generous donation did not go to waste.”

Aliliywa Mbise '20

Aliliywa Mbise ’20

“This scholarship is helping me reach my dreams of becoming a nurse. College is no walk in the park and having one less worry can be the difference between making it or breaking. You’ve made a difference in the lives of the scholarship recipients and I want you to know that. In addition to the Nursing Program, much of my time at Carthage has been spent in the Chapel. I work as their chapel sacristan, assistant to Debbie Clark, and working events like Christmas Fest and Interfaith Baccalaureate. Faith has been a large part of my journey at Carthage and throughout my life.”

Mattea Arndt '20

Mattea Arndt ’20

“This scholarship has not only reduced the financial costs of my education, but it has also motivated me to keep following my passions. I am studying English and secondary education in hopes of becoming a high school English teacher. Becoming a teacher has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl, and your generosity is helping me accomplish this dream.

“While studying at Carthage, I am also a Division III collegiate athlete for the Carthage women’s swim team. Participating in athletics has taught me that dedication, perseverance, and motivation pay off.”