Students studying communication at Carthage have many opportunities to enrich their education.

Student Organizations

Carthage communication students can get involved in several student organizations dedicated to putting what’s learned in the classroom into practice. Join Centrique, The Current, DRAFT, and more!

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The Communication Department assists students in finding internships that will provide hands-on experience and insight into a specific career path. Internships help students prepare for graduate school and work in the private sector.

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January Term, or J-Term, is a month-long period of study in January in which all academic departments offer innovative courses on campus, as well as study tours in other countries. A past J-Term course offered by the communication faculty included Sports Journalism: Baseball, in which students learned about and engage in sports journalism as they attended baseball games in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, California.

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original research

Research is built into the Carthage experience through the required senior thesis and options such as the paid Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. Students in the department have taken on projects such as “Modern Advertising Modes and the American Adolescent,” “Effects of Technology on Early Childhood Education,” and “Visual Persuasion in Political Imagery.”

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