Natalie (Neer) Abbatacola ?06

    Natalie (Neer) Abbatacola

    Class Year: ’06

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Libertyville, Illinois


    Vice President — HR Business Partners at CDW

    “Take advantage of all things Carthage has to offer. Soak up as much as you can from the experience — it will shape who you become.”

    Bill Blagg ?02

    Bill Blagg

    Class Year: ’02

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Pleasant Prairie, WI


    CEO at MOBB Productions Inc.

    “I could write a novel about specific examples in my life and career that were shaped by the liberal arts skills I gained at Carthage.”

    Judith Brummer ?08

    Judith Brummer

    Class Year: ’08

    Majors: Communication, Theatre

    Current Hometown: Seoul, South Korea


    Third grade teacher, elementary department head

    “Carthage gave me the chance to figure out who I really am and what I’m capable of. … Carthage was a great place for me to grow and step into my own. … Overall, my time at Carthage was critical in shaping my character, confidence, faith, and career. Thank you, Carthage, my dear alma mater!”

    Robert Dortch ?18

    Robert Dortch

    Class Year: ’18

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.


    Digital Marketing Specialist at Sprouts Farmers Market

    “My professors saw me not just as a student, but as a person.”

    Megan Maurer ?19

    Megan Maurer

    Class Year: ’19

    Majors: Public Relations and Communication

    Current Hometown: New York City, New York


    Senior eCommerce Marketing Specialist at Reprise Digital

    “The coursework provided in the Communication and Digital Media Department gave me the opportunity to learn more about how we can connect with various audiences and the importance of brand integrity.”

    Jamin McGinnis

    Jamin McGinnis

    Class Year: ’06

    Majors: Theatre and Communication

    Current Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


    Marketing Manager at Breakthru Beverage Group

    “My recipe for life is: work hard and be the best version of yourself, celebrate life early and often, and give service as much as you can — it’s what it means to be a Carthaginian.”

    Craig Morelli ?15

    Craig Morelli

    Class Year: ’15

    Majors: Communications and Digital Media


    Industry Relations Representative for the Federal Reserve System of the United States

    “Liberal arts programs give such a wide range of experiences that it’s easy to tailor your abilities to any number of jobs. Carthage gave me the skills to adapt and work under pressure while still doing high-quality work.”

    Paige Preusse ?11

    Paige Preusse

    Class Year: ’11

    Majors: Communication and Public Relations

    Current Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


    Head of Communications for Prepared Foods at Tyson Foods

    “At Carthage, you’re not just a number. The smaller class sizes and personal dedication from professors guaranteed that I was getting the most out of my liberal arts education.”

    Breanna Reynolds ?21

    Breanna Reynolds

    Class Year: ’21

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Vernon Hills, Illinois


    Communication Coordinator at CMAFH

    “I actually got my job because of a friend I met at Carthage! She’s a year older than me, and we spent three years on the dance team together. Shortly after I graduated, she sent me a text asking if I was looking for a job and set up an interview for me!”

    Daniel Ross-Jones

    Daniel Ross-Jones

    Class Year: ’06

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Sacramento, California


    Finance Budget Analyst at the State of California, Department of Finance

    “A solid liberal arts foundation will prepare one to face any challenge with head and shoulders held high. Carthage provides such a foundation.”

    Ben Schroeder ?13

    Ben Schroeder

    Class Year: ’13

    Majors: Communication, Marketing


    Senior Communications Coordinator at Northwestern University, Office of Global Marketing

    “Carthage shaped me in so many ways. The biggest takeaway is that I truly felt like people cared about me and my development — not only as a student but as a person.”

    Serena Sessoms ?13

    Serena Sessoms

    Class Year: ’13

    Majors: Graphic Design, Communication, Public Relations

    Current Hometown: Gurnee, Illinois


    Account Manager at GFX International

    “Carthage makes you think outside of your field and see things from different perspectives. You are not isolated in your specific fields all four years of school. This allows you to broaden your background knowledge, and gives you an upper hand in the corporate world.”