Natalie (Neer) Abbatacola ?06

    Natalie (Neer) Abbatacola

    Class Year: ’06

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Libertyville, Illinois


    Vice President — HR Business Partners at CDW

    “I have the opportunity to make a direct impact on a person’s career and life by helping ensure our company creates an environment where people can thrive, achieve, and grow personally and professionally.”

    Bill Blagg ?02

    Bill Blagg

    Class Year: ’02

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Pleasant Prairie, WI


    CEO at MOBB Productions Inc.

    “I could write a novel about specific examples in my life and career that were shaped by the liberal arts skills I gained at Carthage.”

    Judith Brummer ?08

    Judith Brummer

    Class Year: ’08

    Majors: Communication, Theatre

    Current Hometown: Seoul, South Korea


    Third grade teacher, elementary department head

    “I love that I get to come to work every day and make an incredible impact — not only on my students but on the future.”

    Robert Dortch ?18

    Robert Dortch

    Class Year: ’18

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz.


    Digital Marketing Specialist at Sprouts Farmers Market

    “My professors saw me not just as a student, but as a person.”

    Megan Maurer ?19

    Megan Maurer

    Class Year: ’19

    Majors: Public Relations and Communication

    Current Hometown: New York City, New York


    Senior eCommerce Marketing Specialist at Reprise Digital

    “I love that my role is a balance of data and creative. I get to use data collected from campaigns to derive results and recommendations for future campaign strategies.”

    Jamin McGinnis

    Jamin McGinnis

    Class Year: ’06

    Majors: Theatre and Communication

    Current Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


    Marketing Manager at Breakthru Beverage Group

    “The thing I enjoy the most about my career is servicing and helping the underserved communities and often overlooked demographic customers and consumers in our industry: African Americans, Latin Americans, and the LGBTQ+ communities.”

    Craig Morelli ?15

    Craig Morelli

    Class Year: ’15

    Majors: Communications and Digital Media


    Industry Relations Representative for the Federal Reserve System of the United States

    “Carthage gave me the skills to adapt and work under pressure while still doing high-quality work.”

    Paige Preusse ?11

    Paige Preusse

    Class Year: ’11

    Majors: Communication and Public Relations

    Current Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


    Head of Communications for Prepared Foods at Tyson Foods

    “I get to see my passion for storytelling and people play out in the corporate environment, where I take pride in the positive difference I can make on the overall success of a company.”

    Breanna Reynolds ?21

    Breanna Reynolds

    Class Year: ’21

    Majors: Communication

    Current Hometown: Vernon Hills, Illinois


    Communication Coordinator at CMAFH

    “I chose Carthage because I felt most at home on campus.”

    Ben Schroeder ?13

    Ben Schroeder

    Class Year: ’13

    Majors: Communication, Marketing


    Senior Communications Coordinator at Northwestern University, Office of Global Marketing

    “The part of the job that I love the most has been getting to interact and collaborate with brilliant people who are industry leaders within their field.”

    Serena Sessoms ?13

    Serena Sessoms

    Class Year: ’13

    Majors: Graphic Design, Communication, Public Relations

    Current Hometown: Gurnee, Illinois


    Account Manager at GFX International

    “My job is always changing depending on client needs and wants. This gives me a chance to think outside the box and problem-solve on a daily basis.”