An internship is a formal opportunity for students to integrate classroom learning with practical experience in the workplace. Several different kinds of internships related to the practice of law are available to Carthage students in the local area. Students typically work with well-established internship providers in the public sector including the offices of local prosecutors, public defenders, and judges, but internships in private firms are also sometimes available.

Participating in an internship is an excellent way to test the waters to see if the law is really for you. Internships also provide excellent networking opportunities and will make you a more attractive candidate when applying to law school.

Internships may be taken for academic credit, but need not be. Internships may be taken during the school year or during the summer months.

For more information about internship offerings at Carthage, visit The Aspire Program website. To find internship opportunities, and on- and off-campus jobs, be sure to check out Handshake, The Aspire Center’s new internship and job posting board.

Students will have the opportunity to work with Assistant District Attorneys in and out of the courtroom in the prosecution of criminal cases. Students will observe first-hand how cases proceed through the criminal court process, from the initial arrest and referral for charges, to charging decisions, initial appearances, pre-trials, motions, and trial. Responsibilities will include conducting criminal background/record checks, preparing criminal complaints and orders, walk through warrants, interviewing witnesses, investigating and researching criminal law matters, and preparing jury trial notebooks and cases for trial. In addition, students will assist and participate in conducting traffic court pre-trial conferences and negotiating traffic citations.

Students will work closely with investigators and attorneys in the Racine and Kenosha County Public Defender’s Office. Students will learn, from the defense perspective, how criminal cases proceed through the criminal court system.

Students will assist Assistant State Public Defenders in the initial interview of clients, as well as in their representation at first appearances and at trial. Other specific responsibilities will include conducting legal research, preparing and filing motions and orders, locating and interviewing potential witnesses, conducting background/record checks, serving subpoenas, participating in scheduling hearings, pre-trials, and conferences, and investigating cases scheduled for trial.

Students will work one on one with a Circuit Court Judge. Students will assist in and perform various tasks that may be assigned during any given judicial rotation. Assignments may include conducting legal research, scheduling conferences, motions and hearings, reviewing court files and records as well as helping in the analysis of cases scheduled for trial.