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Why major in business?

If you’re interested in a career with limitless opportunities, a degree in business is the way to go. Business graduates can do more than work in a corporate office; they can work within a hospital, for the government, or even for a nonprofit organization. Whether you want to be an accountant, manage a business, or work in healthcare, Carthage can provide you with the business degree that best fits your goals.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business and financial occupations will expand at a greater rate than the average for all occupations from now to 2032. In May 2023, the reported average median annual pay for business professionals was $79,050.

The centerpiece of the Clausen Center is the Troha Boardroom. Commanding an upper-level view over...

Carthage Business Majors

Carthage’s School of Business and Economics (SOBE) offers a variety of different majors, including accounting, economics, finance, healthcare administration, management, and marketing for students looking to pursue a universal degree in business. Each major requires a different set of skills, whether that be creativity, persuasion, or analytics, allowing you to pursue the degree that best matches your interests.

Customize your education by adding a minor. SOBE offers minors in accounting, business administration, economics, and sport business. Other popular minors with business majors include communication, public relations, and data science. See all majors and minors

At Carthage, students can receive a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. By following the Bachelor of Science pathway, you can earn the 150 credits required to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in four years!

Accounting majors work to explore mathematical skills, such as budgeting and statistics. Additionally, students learn about tax law, financial documentation, and how accounting is applied to the business world. 

Accounting Coursework

Coursework for accounting involves a variety of accounting classes, such as Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Advanced Accounting. In addition to accounting courses, students can take Statistics, Analytics, Business Law, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Taxation, and Auditing. While taking these courses, students will learn to prepare financial documents, manage business operations, and track, analyze, and manage financial statements.

A math degree student in a classroom.

Accounting Careers

The average annual salary for accounting majors in the U.S. is $45,928 (according to ZipRecruiter). Some careers that accounting majors can pursue after graduation include:

  • Accountant
  • Accounting software developer
  • Auditor
  • Financial analyst
  • Tax attorney

Interested in an accounting Major? Learn more

Interested in how the economy works? Students majoring in economics analyze the relationships and systems that support business, consumer, and government actions. Students engage in business theories and apply them to present-day economic problems.

Those wanting to major in economics enhance their skills in data analysis, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking — something highly valued by employers in the field.

“Students should consider economics because it can really open them up to a ton of different opportunities and potential career paths.” — Colin Graham ’26, economics major

Economics Coursework

Coursework in economics allows students to think logically and make decisions based on data. Carthage economics majors can take courses such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Business Statistics to improve their understanding of the field of economics. With these classes, students learn about economics principles and theories through math and data analysis.

Economics Careers

The average annual salary for economics majors in the U.S. is $82,064 (according to ZipRecruiter). Careers that economics majors can pursue after graduation include:

  • Economic planner
  • Industry analyst 
  • International trade specialist
  • Legislative research advisor

Interested in economics? learn more

Majoring in finance opens many doors for students who wish to work in an industry with high job variation. Finance majors work on their analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills, while studying business theories, researching and presenting new ideas, and learning to use industry-grade technology. The curriculum at Carthage is designed to put students on the pathway to get their Charter Financial Analyst (CFA) certification upon graduation.

Some skills that are required for finance majors include financial analysis, economics, statistics, and portfolio management.

“Being a finance major has allowed me to get internships that are all vastly different because the skills students learn at Carthage are universally useful and applicable everywhere in the business sector.” — Michael Malyszek ’25, finance major

Finance Coursework

Students majoring in finance learn about many topics of business, ranging from statistics to business principles to project management. Courses include: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Business Law, Accounting, and Statistics. In addition, finance students are required to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Excel certification exam.

Finance Careers

The average annual salary for finance majors in the U.S. is $92,631 (according to ZipRecruiter). With the finance sector taking up approximately one-fifth of the global economy, there’s many careers and passions for students to pursue after Carthage. Careers that finance majors can pursue after graduation include:

  • Financial analyst
  • Financial advisor
  • Financial manager
  • Investment analyst
  • Private equity associate

Interested in finance? Learn more

Healthcare administration prepares students for healthcare management and administration in the future. Students will learn about healthcare systems, policies, ethics, and management strategies. Carthage provides students with the opportunity to work within healthcare facilities, gaining experience in the field before graduation.

Some skills required for healthcare administration majors include management, communication, and ethical decision-making.

Healthcare Administration Coursework

Courses in the healthcare administration program include: Accounting, Human Resources Management, and Marketing Principles. Carthage healthcare administration majors also participate in a unique-year long paid rotation at a local hospital. This experiential learning opportunity allows students to apply theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

A healthcare administration degree graduate talking to healthcare professionals.


healthcare administration Careers

The average annual salary for healthcare administration majors in the U.S. is $41,242 (according to ZipRecruiter). Careers that health administration majors can pursue after graduation include:

  • Administrative coordinator
  • Behavioral health professional
  • Clinic manager
  • Clinical specialist
  • Health services manager
  • Public health nurse
  • Service administrator

interested in health administration? learn more

With a versatile degree in management, students go into a diverse field of potential careers and jobs. At Carthage, management majors focus on learning the fundamentals of business, business operations, and business theories. Students learn to create organizational strategies and implement industry change through management of their business. 

Carthage uses special curriculum called the Real-World Experience and Developing You (READY) to bring business experience to the classroom. With READY, students are offered real-world projects and simulations using industry-grade software, giving them the experience they need to succeed in their degree. 

Some skills required for management majors include leadership, economics, statistics, and data analysis.

management Coursework

Students majoring in management work to understand accounting, business, economics, finance, and marketing in addition to their courses in management. Courses include: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance, Marketing Principles, Statistics, and Financial Accounting.

Students in the product management program in a classroom.

management Careers

The average annual salary for management majors is $48,396 (according to ZipRecruiter). Careers that management majors can pursue after graduation include:

  • Business information analyst
  • E-commerce 
  • Project manager
  • Quality control
  • Nonprofit administrator

Interested in management? learn more

Marketing majors at Carthage learn about product promotion, product pricing, brand awareness, consumer research, and more. Additionally, students learn about what drives consumerism and how to appeal to the market through their courses. 

With the Carthage READY curriculum, students gain real-world experience in marketing through their coursework, internship opportunities, and on-campus work students can do in their major.

marketing Coursework

Students majoring in marketing take courses in Advertising, Marketing Communications, International Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, and Professional Sales Management. Marketing majors work with business theories, real-world projects, and use industry-grade software to gain experience in their field of study.

Students pursing a marketing major at Carthage College presenting a project in the Troha Boardroo...

marketing Careers

The average salary for marketing majors is $67,990 (according to ZipRecruiter). Careers that marketing majors can pursue after graduation include:

  • Copywriter
  • Digital content manager
  • Marketing communications manager
  • Marketing research analyst
  • Marketing specialist
  • Media director
  • Social media specialist

interested in marketing? learn more

Still unsure which business major is right for you?

Don’t worry! Many students at Carthage enter undecided on a major, taking the time to discover their passions through their classes, speaking with faculty, and meeting with a career specialist. Other students take on the business world through a business minor, adding versatility to their major. Learn more about Carthage’s resources for undecided students


Business Major Student Experiences

There are a wide variety of clubs and organizations business students can participate in at Carthage.

Business Book Club
The Business Book Club looks to foster a space for students interested in business and professional development through the discussion of business topics, current events, and influential people. 

Carthage Accounting Association (CAA)
The Carthage Accounting Association provides students with help developing professional development skills in addition to being a social group for accounting majors.

Enactus is a global collegiate organization that focuses on entrepreneurial-based projects that work to transform opportunities into sustainable progress for themselves and their communities. The organization works to connect student, academic, and business leaders through their projects.

Finance and Investment Club (FIC)
Finance and Investment Club is an organization on campus for students who are interested in finance. Meetings involve discussion of different finance topics at deeper level and gaining knowledge about stocks. FIC is available to anyone on campus looking to get a better understanding of finance, finance majors, or those planning a career in finance.

Model United Nations (MUN)
Model United Nations is an organization for students interested in international politics, cross-cultural relations, and political debate. Model UN hosts on-campus events and attends national and international conferences each year. The organization is open to students of all majors as they cover a wide-range of topics, including environmental protections, economic reform, international crises, and cultural issues.

Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE)
Pi Sigma Epsilon is the only national co-ed professional business fraternity that focuses on sales, marketing, and management. The fraternity is open to all majors, giving students the opportunity to get hands-on experience at conferences and through learning opportunities and networking events. PSE holds many on-campus events in addition to the opportunities that they provide for students interested in expanding their knowledge of the business world.

The Front Office 
The Front Office is a sports management organization that works to discuss business in the sports world. They discuss patterns, current trends, and career paths with professionals through networking and other events.

“Velocity Consulting has been the best help for getting myself real applicable work experience.” — Driedyn O’schay Hernandez ’26, finance, management, and marketing major

Velocity Consulting
Velocity Consulting is the first 100 percent student-run, full-service consulting firm. The company, established in 2009, specializes in providing students at Carthage with the ability to gain real-world experience in business without having to leave the College. Velocity Consulting is volunteer-based to help students build a strong portfolio while providing a variety of services, including market research, financial analysis, financial audits, social media marketing, business plans, logo design, economic feasibility research, expansion plans, environmental studies, event management, product launches, web design, cost evaluations, and much more.

Learn more about organizations at Carthage

College Fed Challenge
Every fall, a team of students from Carthage compete in the College Fed Challenge, a simulation of the Federal Open Market Committee. With this event, the team interacts with staff from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and their peers. Throughout the event, students analyze economic conditions to develop monetary policy recommendations.

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)
SURE allows students to gain experience and complete research with Carthage professors during the summer. Students spend 10 weeks completing their research, writing a project report and displaying their research at a poster session at Carthage. SURE is open to students of all majors.

A marketing major presenting his research.

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)
The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) is an initiative by the IRS that provides free tax assistance to individuals with low- to moderate-incomes who are unable to prepare their own tax returns. To volunteer for VITA, students are required to undergo training and pass a certification test. Upon completion, students dedicate a day or two to applying their newfound tax preparation skills, contributing significantly to their communities.

Each year, Carthage puts on events through the Business and Professional Coalition. This allows for leading business, civic, and professional leaders in the region to meet, promote conversation, and discuss national and local issues affecting businesses and organization. There are many events that occur with this, including luncheons and guest speakers, bringing together the businesses in the Chicago-to-Milwaukee corridor. All events are open to the public and available to Carthage students who wish to learn more about business. 
Carthage president John Swallow, right, speaks during ?The Future of Education,? an April 18 even...

Learn more about the Business and Professional Coalition

Carthage offers a J-Term study tour to Sweden. Carthage provides business-related J-Term study tours to students each year, giving them the opportunity to meet business professionals and get hands-on learning in the field. Business professors have led study tours across the globe, including in China, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, and Sweden.

Recent business J-Term trips:

  • International Business/Marketing and Cultural Analysis of Sweden 
  • International Legal Environment and Business in the European Union 

learn more about j-term at carthage

Through The Aspire Center, Carthage can connect students with internships that will grow their skills in their major of choice. Internships are valuable tools that allow students to gain experience in the workplace before graduating college. Carthage students can participate in on-campus jobs in different offices or intern at outside companies.

Common off-campus internship locations for Carthage students majoring in business include:

  • Johnson Financial Group
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Vrakas
  • Deloitte
  • Jockey
  • Abbott
  • Abbvie
  • Baker Tilly US, LLP

See internship resources

Carthage offers graduate programs for business majors, including a Master of Science in Business — Design and Innovation and Master of Science in Business — Sports Management. After completing a bachelor’s degree, students can earn either graduate degree in just 10 months. Upon completion of their courses, students take a trip to Barcelona, Spain for an intensive capstone experience. 

Master of Science in Business — Design and Innovation

More targeted than an MBA, the Business Design and Innovation track digs deeper into problem-solving strategies that can be put to use in the private, nonprofit, or government sector. While business professionals find the design approach increasingly valuable, its universal lessons hold value for graduates in almost any line of work.

Master of Science in Business — Sports Management

Through specialized courses and workshops, as well as hands-on consulting for sports-related organizations, you’ll learn to apply design principles in the evolving business of sports. An active Sports Management Advisory Council composed of industry leaders continually shapes the Carthage program’s focus. Members represent the Milwaukee Bucks (NBA), Minnesota Wild (NHL), Chicago Cubs (MLB), and NBCUniversal Media.

Learn more about graduate programs at CARTHAGE


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