2024-25 Housing Selection

Housing selection for returning students occurs in the spring semester every year. During housing selection, returning residents select their rooms and choose roommates for the following academic year.

The information below provides an overview of the housing selection process. If you have additional questions, please contact your professional hall staff member or the Office of Residential Life at housing@carthage.edu.


Important Dates

  • Feb. 1-March 31: Students submit their housing contract, housing application, and form roommate groups online in the Housing Self-Service Portal
  • April 1: Students receive their housing selection date/time
  • April 1-3: Greek Chapter rooms will be manually assigned
  • April 9-11: General Housing Selection in the Housing Self-Service Portal


Room & Roommate Selection

Students can request and accept roommate invitations Feb. 1 through March 31. Students will not be able to send/accept a roommate invitation if they have not signed their housing contract and/or submitted a returning student housing application.

Because room selection can be unpredictable in terms of what will fill up first, you are encouraged to make several plans before your selection time. This includes how a roommate group will divide if a particular space is not available.

Students who do not have a roommate selected at the end of housing selection or who lose a roommate prior to fall opening weekend will be consolidated with another Carthage student who is also without a roommate.


Returning Student Contract

Students who participate in the spring housing selection process sign a housing contract for the full academic year. After the contract is signed, students may not be released from their contract without meeting a residency exemption. Students who have a change in financial status are encouraged to reach out to the Office of Student Financial Services to request additional funding through an appeal process. Students who feel they have another extenuating circumstance that may warrant a release from their housing contract should reach out to the Office of Residential Life at housing@carthage.edu.

Please carefully review the contract before signing. The contract is legally binding and covers the entire academic year.


Housing Options, Room Types, and Rates

Returning students will have the option of selecting traditional double rooms, triple rooms, and quad rooms in the following buildings:

Returning students will have the option of selecting a single room in the following buildings:

Returning students seeking a room with a private bathroom can find these options in the following buildings:


2024-25 Rates*

*Housing rates do not include the cost of the meal plan. Meal plan options and costs can be viewed on the Carthage Dining website once they are available in late April.

Dorm Building
Room Type & Cost
Traditional Halls: Standard Rooms
Denhart, Johnson, Madrigrano, and Tarble
Double rooms: $4,520.00 per semester (base rate)
Traditional Halls: Premium Rooms
Denhart, Johnson, Madrigrano, and Tarble

Single: $925 + base rate (per semester)

Triple or Quad w/ bathroom: $250 + base rate (per semester)*
*Not available in Madrigrano

Oaks Residential Village

Triple occupancy: $500 + base rate (per semester)

Double occupancy: $800 + base rate (per semester)

Single occupancy: $1,450 + base rate (per semester)

The Tower

Double occupancy with campus view: $1,000 + base rate (per semester)

Double occupancy with lake view: $1,200 + base rate (per semester)

Single room: $1,600 + base rate (per semester)

Selection and Residency Requirement

Housing selection times are determined by academic credit hours. Credit hours are based on the number of hours successfully completed. Credit hours in progress are not considered; however, credit hours that are transferred in do count toward the total. Selection times are posted on the Bridge, within the residence halls, and below:

Sign-up Time Tuesday, April 9, 2024 Wednesday, April 10, 2024 Thursday, April 11, 2024

8 a.m.

126 and above 57 and above 20 and above
9 a.m. 118 and above 53 and above 17 and above
10 a.m. 106 and above 45 and above 12 and above
11 a.m. 98 and above 36 and above All
Noon 92 and above 32 and above Sign-up ends
1 p.m. 85 and above 28 and above  
2 p.m. 74 and above 24 and above  
3 p.m. 66 and above 21 and above  
4 p.m. 61 and above    

For students admitted prior to fall 2022, Carthage College has a residency requirement that requires students to live on campus until they reach senior standing. Senior standing is determined by academic credit hours. Once a student achieves senior standing, they may opt to live off campus the following academic year. If a student will have 98 completed credit hours by the end of the spring semester, they are eligible to live off campus as seniors.

Students who have not achieved senior standing are required to live on campus unless they meet one of the stated exemption requirements:

  • Live at home with parent/guardian within 30 driving miles of the College
  • Age 23 or older
  • Have dependent children
  • Are married
  • Have veteran status
  • Ward of the court

If you wish to apply for an exemption from the residency requirement, please contact the Office of Residential Life at housing@carthage.edu for details and an application. 


Housing Accommodation Process

Students requesting a housing accommodation based on a medical need should email housing@carthage.edu to obtain an application. Submission of this form does not guarantee the accommodation will be provided. Additional documentation may be required and must be reviewed by the Housing Accommodations Committee before approval is warranted. If approved, students will receive a notification via their Carthage email. The deadline for housing accommodation for the fall semester is March 1. Students applying for accommodation through the Housing Accommodations Process should proceed through the spring housing selection process. If approved for a housing accommodation, the Office of Residential Life will work directly with the student to update their housing assignment appropriately.

Note: Students who have previously applied for and received housing accommodations must reapply annually for a housing accommodation. Housing accommodations are approved for one academic year.